Process : ‘Blue Winter Skies’ painting

I love it when artists share their processes, and the ways a painting gets started to where it ends up. I am a big fan of layers. I will be working on at least 5-6 paintings at once, all at different stages. That way, there is always something new to work on, my layers have time to dry before I start the next one, and if I don’t like something I did, I can cover it up with the next layer.

Here is the next in my series, showing how my paintings grow from the beginnings, through their ‘rough’ phase, and to the finished painting.

This painting was going to be a gorgeous encaustic painting (well, in my head it was). I started this one in 2016, when I was still learning control of the encaustic wax. I was trying out layers, but as I was to learn, layering hot wax on top of wax just melts the layer below and colours start to mix and blend into a swirly soup. I painted over it with white acrylic, and tried out some of the straight line encaustic work, but still didn’t like it. So, it sat on my workspace for a long while until I was inspired to cover it up again. This time in turquoises, greens, and a little bit of yellow.

Blue Winter Skies process


© 2016 Kimberli Werner, ‘Blue Winter Skies’, encaustic wax, glitter, acrylic, collage on canvas, 6” x 6”.

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