Behind the Scenes

I work from a small room in my house, about 12′ x 10′, with about 2/3 of that taken up with storage and a desk to do my admin, and the last 1/3 for my art table and art supplies. I take a lot of photos, on purpose, that give the viewer absolutely no idea what they are looking at or where it is in relation to something else or even how large it is. Such as:

Still Life with paintbrush


The stories these marks on my art table could tell


When, in reality, this is more like where I create:

Where I create

I try to always have my art supplies out, so I can dip in and out when I feel called. There are also about 5 paintings going on at once, in this photo. It is a bit of a mess, but it all has its place, so I can find things easily.




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