Here I am, posing with some of my paintings, both final pieces and works-in-process.

Me, posing with my paintings.




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Process : Art Journal pages

Don’t you love it when artists share their processes, and the ways a painting gets started to where it ends up? I am a big fan of layers. I will be working on at least 5-6 paintings at once, all at different stages. That way, there is always something new to work on, my layers have time to dry before I start the next one, and if I don’t like something I did, I can cover it up with the next layer.

Here is the next in my series, showing how my paintings grow from their beginnings, through their ‘rough’ phase, and to the finished painting. This is a page from my Art Journal. I don’t often play around in my art journal, as I sometimes get stuck n the notion of “What if I like the end product too much and then can’t tear it out of the journal because there will be another painting on the back!”. I know, it sounds silly, but I do like just playing around on the canvas instead.

Anyway, so this one I started with a Rorschach test. I am not sure what you see, but I saw two blobby people with surprised looks on their faces when they realized they were looking at their mirror images. I let that dry, and then added some collage, mainly to one side. Some of that collage is made of the paper towels that I used to clean up my paint spills – reuse and recycle! I then added a layer of green wax and tried painting on top of that, but mainly got water marks. So, I let it all dry and added some more bright colors on top.

Art Journal pages - process
(© 2017 Kimberli Werner, Art Journal pages, encaustic wax, acrylic, and collage on watercolour paper, A3 size. )




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Upcoming Exhibitions

I have a little rush of exhibitions that have just started or are coming up soon. I hope you can get out to see them. It is the only place you will find my original artworks for sale. 

Here are the three: 

11 May – 7 June – Blue Light Gallery, Masham, HG4 4DY. Group exhibition with Brigantia.

11 May – 9 June – Inspired by…gallery, Danby, YO21 2NB, “Cleveland Way in Miniature”, group exhibition. 

25 May – 5 June – The Station at Richmond, Richmond, DL10 4LD, group exhibition with Brigantia.   

If you can’t make it to the exhibitions, don’t forget you can still find prints of my work in my Society6 shop, along with other products that will add just that little bit more beauty to your life!




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New Products

I have updated my Society6 shop with more products, so there is a larger selection of interesting gifts for you or someone you love. My main focus is Home Décor, travel accessories, and stationery, and if I do say so myself, the products look fabulous with my abstract artwork printed on them. You can still order prints and framed prints as well. Treat yourself!

Society6 product display
Just some of the new products I have on Society6.




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