Behind-the-Scenes : Art Workshop

One method I use for inspiration, and to sometimes kickstart me into painting again if I have hit a lull, is to attend a workshop. Recently, I attended a workshop called “Landmarks” with Alice Fox, at Lund Gallery near Easingwold. It was three days of immersion into the landscape, drawing, walking, rust printing, eco-dyeing, mono-printing, fabric dyeing, stitching, mark making, and then finally, tiny-book making. My fellow workshop attendees were from all walks of art-making, which provided fascinating conversations and approaches to the projects.

Here are a few photos from those days.

Rust printing
Rust printing, using rusty metal objects and watercolour paper, with a layer of waterproof tissue on top to keep everything damp.


Eco-dyeing bundles
Each of these bundles was created from silk fabric with leaves and plants smashed between the layers, then steamed and/or dipped in tea for the amazing colours.


Mark making
Some of the marks I made while walking, on rust printed pastel paper.


Leaf prints, eco-dyeing
This is one layer of my results from my eco-dyeing experiment.


Tiny Book
This little book, was the end result of my three days in the workshop. Each “page” holds a little bit of everything we tried – rust printing, mono-printing, mark making, drawing, eco-dyeing, and more.


Class Projects
This is an overview of the results from the rest of the class ~ lots of stories in there.


Close-up of a Butterfly Wing
While this looks like it could have been eco-dyed, it is actually a macro photo of a butterfly wing I found during class.
Birch bark
This is a macro photo of curling birch tree bark, from a tree near the workshop.
Feather Detail
This is a macro photo of a feather I found during the workshop.




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