Process : “Blue Glances”

Don’t you love it when artists share their processes, and the ways a painting gets started to where it ends up?

I tend to work in layers and take lots of pictures of the work in progress so I know where I started.

Here is the next in my series, showing how my paintings grow from their beginnings, through their ‘rough’ phase, and to the finished painting. This is from my finished painting, ‘Blue Glances’.

In the first few layers, I just loaded it up with lots and lots of collage, using pieces of alcohol ink experiments, colourful paper towels that collected drips of previous paintings, old maps, lots of embossing foils, and even old paintings on paper that didn’t make the cut. Then, I used more alcohol inks and sprayed water on them, just to see what would happen. The first real colours I used were reds, yellows, and oranges, then I covered them up with white, both in paints and wax.

I tried going the red route again, then totally out of left field, came a large splodge of lavender! Things got even more experimental then, as I added blues, turquoises, and indigo blue inks. The layers kept going, with blue swirls, red drips, and then another white cover-up layer, I scraped that back revealing some of the layers beneath…then, more red drips, blue drips, and another white cover-up layer.

I even tried adding a horizon line at one point! (and covered it up).

Finally, after a little over a year of layering (and about 30 layers!), adding and subtracting, it came together. .

© 2018 Kimberli Werner, “Blue Glances”, encaustic wax, collage, acrylic, acrylic ink, embossing foil, found objects, on gypsum board, 24” x 12”.




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