Inspiration finds me at odd moments. I usually try to carry my camera with me to catch these moments, but sometimes I just have to remember.

A lot of times, it is a colour that I will notice that I want to try to replicate. Or maybe the way the light is hitting a leaf or branch. Or maybe I just want to see what happens when I dribble some ink on the paper and take a roller over it, and I can enjoy the randomness and chaos of the results.

Often what I see, while out and about, translates into my art. When I take macro photos of my work-in-progress, I can see these inspirations taking form at the inner levels of the painting.

© 2019 Kimberli Werner, taken on a walk in the Lake District, Devil’s Matchstick plant.


© 2019 Kimberli Werner, close up of Work in Progress


© 2016 Kimberli Werner, photo of a mushroom on the slopes of Mt. Etna, Sicily


© 2019 Kimberli Werner, close up of Work in Progress





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