To meet me, you wouldn’t think I had any interest in colour. My wardrobe is made up of shades of black, grey, and brown. But something happens at my art table. Colours pour out, even colours that I was certain I had an aversion to…like pink.

My painting theory comes from what my world looks like when I take off my glasses. Lines and edges are blurred, colour mixes with colour and shapes become fuzzy and hazy. I then paint what I see.

My process involves collaging, letting it dry, spreading paint, wiping out, scratching in, pencilling words or scribbles, smooshing paint, dripping paint, melting wax, turning the canvas, listening to my intuition and painting over. I tend not to mix colours before I spread them on the canvas or paper. They are spread on, straight from the tube, and alchemy takes over. I like to see what will happen. I know if I don’t like it, I can just paint over it.

I document my process as it goes along, both in progress photos and using macro photography to really see the inner workings of the painting.

My supplies include acrylics, watercolours, pastels, oil pastels, collage, embossing foil, encaustic wax, found objects, ink, paintbrushes, fingers, feathers, pencils, scrapers, rollers, canvas, paper, gypsum board and cardboard.

My original work is available through Galleries (see my Exhibitions page). Prints and selected products featuring my original paintings are available through Society6.

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