Behind-the-Scenes : Art Workshop

Behind-the-Scenes : Art Workshop

One method I use for inspiration, and to sometimes kickstart me into painting again if I have hit a lull, is to attend a workshop. 

Recently, I attended a workshop called "Landmarks" with Alice Fox, at Lund Gallery near Easingwold. It was three days of immersion into the landscape, drawing, walking, rust printing, eco dyeing, mono-printing, fabric dyeing, stitching, mark making, and then finally, tiny-book making. My fellow workshop attendees were from all walks of art-making, which provided fascinating conversations and approaches to the projects. Here are a few photos from those days.

Finished projects from art workshop, small freestanding books, made from various kinds of papers printed with text, rust, tea, and string

The class's finished projects

Close up image of a butterfly wing with white, yellow, and brown marks

Found butterfly wing close-up

Close up image of curled birch bark

Birch bark close-up

Workshop project wrapped parcels ready for dyeing in tea

Tiny parcels ready for dyeing

Closeup image of a feather

Feather close-up

Image of mark-making in workshop exercise

Walking scribbles

Workshop project of leaf imprints on fabric

Leaf dyeing

Workshop project of tiny book of all of our projects througout the day

The finished tiny book composed of all the processes we learned that day.

Workshop project of creating rust marks on paper with old pieces of metal dampened and dried in the sun

Making rust marks

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