Behind the Scenes : New In-Person Classes

Behind the Scenes : New In-Person Classes

This year, I am stepping a lot out of my comfort zone and teaching a few in-person classes! The topic is Green Sketching, or Joyspotting, as the originator of the concept coined it.


My good friend, Dr. Ali Foxon, wrote a book all about it. She describes the process as, " an accessible approach to sketching nature that combines the benefits of creativity, nature, wellbeing, and forging a nature connection. The emphasis is placed on the process of observing and sketching, not the artwork. "


It is just a doodle after all ~


Here are a few links to sign up to the classes I am teaching this year:

Held in the beautiful grounds of the North York Moors National Park Visitor Centre in Danby, YO21 2NB.

The first session is Saturday, 13 April,

Second session is Sunday, 12 May,

Third session is Sunday, 23 June.

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