Inspiration finds me at odd moments. I usually try to carry my camera with me to catch these moments, but sometimes I just have to remember. A lot of times, it is a colour that I will notice that I want to try to replicate. Or maybe the way the light is hitting a leaf or branch. Or maybe I just want to see what happens when I dribble some ink on the paper and take a roller over it, and I can enjoy the randomness and chaos of the results. I also really like macro photography, and try to take macro photos of my work-in-progress, to really see what is happening at the inner levels of the painting.

Photo of Boulmer beach, Northumberland, England, including sand, rocks, and water. The sunrise is reflecting off the water.

Close up of abstract art painting, with blue and white and gold colours

Colourful lichen covered tree from the Galapaos islands with blue sky in the background.

Closeup of abstract art painting, with white background and three red spots

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