Inspiration : Art & Photography Process

Inspiration : Art & Photography Process

I was inspired by this quote the other day, that expresses exactly what my art and photography processes are like. By author Mark Nepo, "I believe that all art, and all of what art expresses, is already fully formed somewhere in the very fabric of things - just waiting for us to discover it and express it...In this way, all creativity is a discovery of what is already present but otherwise unseeable."


Here are a few photos of what inspired me and the painting layers that resulted.

Green spiral tendril of a squah plant

Spirals from a squash plant


photo of work in progress, showing spirals that mimic the spiral tendrils on a squash plant

Work in progress


Ox-eye daisy closeup, yellow centre with white petals

Close up of an ox-eye daisy


Work in progress, showing brush paint marks on abstract background

Paint marks inspired by the intricacies of the ox-eye daisy






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