Is my art for you?

Is my art for you?


If you've ever wondered if my art is for you, here's a little clarification that I hope will help.


My art is FOR you, if:

* You enjoy colour and patterns.

* You'd prefer your artwork to not represent "the real world".

* You can't walk past a tree without touching its bark, just to feel it. 

* You get reprimanded in museums for getting too close to the artwork ("But, I just wanted to see the texture up close!")

* You are curious about the world around you love discovering the tiniest of details in nature.



My artwork is NOT for you if:

* You like your art to be recognisable.

* Spending time in a museum or art gallery is not your cup of tea.

* You believe your 5-year old could do it.

* You find abstract art pretentious or anxiety-inducing.

* When you are looking at art, you are always asking yourself, "But, what IS it?"




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