Process : "In Between Memories"

Process : "In Between Memories"

This painting was created for an exhibition in 2018, where the invited artists were given pieces of old watches, and asked to incorporate them into our artworks.

I have no idea where the pieces came from, but the pieces I was given looked to be an old watch repair that was never collected from the repair shop. I am sure there is a deeper story there. Was it forgotten? Did the person move? Did they die?

In the first panel, I was experimenting with some molding paste, and added a few tiny watch gears into the paste. The next few panels show the build up of collage, embossing foils and more layers. In the last photo of this group, you can see a tiny watch face in the upper left corner and the wax bag the pieces were stored in, in the lower right corner.

Image of painting in progress, shown in 5 panels, "In Between Memories"

In the next four panels, the layers take shape, more texture and colour, finally resulting in the finished piece, with a calming layer of white.

Image of painting in progress, shown in 4 panels, "In Between Memories"

"In Between Memories" painting

© 2018 Kimberli Werner, “In Between Memories”, acrylic, pencil, embossing foil, ink, encaustic wax, collage, found objects, on gypsum board, 30cm x 30cm size, for sale, contact me for more information.




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