Process : "Sometimes it Takes Darkness"

Process : "Sometimes it Takes Darkness"

I love it when artists share their processes, and the ways a painting gets started to where it ends up. I am a big fan of layers. I will be working on at least 5-6 paintings at once, all at different stages. That way, there is always something new to work on, my layers have time to dry before I start the next one, and if I don't like something I did, I can cover it up with the next layer. I will be putting together little collages (and maybe a video one of these days), showing how my paintings grow from the beginnings, through their 'rough' phase, and to the finished painting. 

First up, a painting called 'Sometimes it Takes Darkness'. This painting started back in early 2016. I was trying out blocking on a canvas with tape, to create a very straight line. I was also trying different encaustic wax techniques, like spreading the wax over a textured surface in various colours. I liked the effect, but the painting felt too full of straight lines. I sat it aside for a few months and then started collaging over what I had done. I used paper as well as embossing foil, giving it a shiny appearance. This time I liked the results.

Six images of the process of creating a painting, including collage, encaustic wax, and colour details.

"Sometimes it Takes Darkness" painting

© 2016 Kimberli Werner, ‘Sometimes it takes darkness’, encaustic wax, acrylic, embossing foil, glitter, collage on canvas, 8” x 10”.

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