Process : Video : Embossing foil

Process : Video : Embossing foil

I enjoy using embossing foil in my paintings, partly because of the shiny qualities they bring to the layers that peek out from under other layers. Also, partly because they peel off in such random patterns that I like finding out what will show up.


This short video shows a painting in its very early stages of building up layers. I had used some marble dust and emulsion paint for the first, bumpy layer, added in some charcoal, and also glued down a paper cut of an old map. I tore pieces of embossing foil and adhered them to the surface with gel medium. I waited a few days for it all to dry, and then started peeling off the clear top layer of the embossing foil.


The circle that appears was part of the papercut, but it shows off the foil really nicely.

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