Process Video : Work in Progress

Process Video : Work in Progress

Sometimes a piece of art takes a long time to come together. This video shows one of those pieces. 

As you can see, there were already a lot of layers going into it. I had painted this paper over and over and then set it aside for a long while, until coming back to it. And still, it wasn't coming together for me. That is just the way things work sometimes. 

I went from cool, dark colours, writing words into the background, and masking off areas to reveal later. Then, I went into the warm range of colours, thinking that was the direction I was meant to go. It still wasn't working, so I started adding white to really brighten it up. I pulled off the tape in the masked areas, and still isn't working for me, and has been put aside for a while, and is now waiting its turn again for me to come back to it another time.

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