Process : "Vision of a Bright Day"

Process : "Vision of a Bright Day"

I am not sure why part of my process is thinking my paintings need a "horizon"? I think self-doubt creeps in at times and wants to take over and try to make something that I think will "sell" due to current trends, rather than something I like. Thankfully, I know this about my process, and am able to push through and get out the other side, even if it takes a while to get there.

This painting went through so many guises (23 pauses, by my count - but I've only shown 16 here).

The first panel is just mark making, a bit of splashed ink, and some squiggly lines in thick white and turquoise paint. I added a bit of embossing foil, then covered it up with white, turquoise and yellow, and then white again. Then came the dreaded "horizon" line! That idea lasted a little longer than usual, as I tried adding to it in a different colour, and finally decided to cover it up with more embossing foils and a flurry of orange paint.

Vision of a Bright Day painting process, shown in 8 panels



Next came a few more spills a thrills, trying to cover up the horizon, until a very light layer of white started to reveal some lovely texture. From there, it started to come together. A few more bright layers were added, and the final calming layer of white, and finally spinning the painting into its final incarnation. 

Vision of a Bright Day painting, process shown in 8 panels


Vision of a Bright Day, finished painting, in white, orange, and pink

© 2018 Kimberli Werner, “Vision of a Bright Day”, encaustic wax, embossing foil, acrylic, acrylic ink, collage, on watercolour paper, A4 size, for sale, contact me for more information.




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