Process : Work in Progress

Process : Work in Progress

Don't you love it when artists share their processes, and the ways a painting gets started to where it ends up? This painting took 3 years, from beginning to end! And, in the end, decided it wanted to be postcard sized artworks instead of a big A3. 

14 small images of an abstract painting in progress

This was one of those paintings that kept getting worked on, then set aside, then worked on, then set aside. You can see, in the beginning, I was in experimentation mode - there's a bit of fire and burning, sewing and stitching, collage, and paint. The burning didn't turn out anything like I was thinking it would, so the process began to cover it up - more collage, ink drips, more paint. 

Then, I went through a couple of rounds of "white-outs", where I didn't like the direction the painting was going, so I painted over it in white. Both of these white-outs were during our first strict lockdown in the UK - where I wasn't feeling very creative or inspired. Next up, an explosion of colour, which coincided with the second strict lockdown. For some reason, I was more inspired this time around. Then, I began to see a couple of areas in the larger painting that would work as smaller pieces, and decided to cut them out, and continue working on the piece as a whole, knowing it would eventually be split into smaller pieces again. And, finally, in the last photo, I added a few flicks of paint and called it finished!

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