Product : Ahead of the Curve

Product : Ahead of the Curve

This piece is called "Ahead of the Curve" and is 30cm x 30cm (12" x 12"), made from acrylic, acrylic ink, marble dust, found objects, and embossing foil, on Baltic Birch wood panel.

Kimberli Werner Art, original painting, "Ahead of the Curve", abstract art, dark blue with red  and white cloudlike areas

© 2023 Kimberli Werner, “Ahead of the Curve”, acrylic, tile adhesive, collage, embossing foil, on Baltic Birch wood panel, 30cm x 30cm.


Kimberli Werner Art, original art, "Ahead of the Curve", artwork displayed with a vase of grasses, candles and desk accessories.

Have you ever watched the clouds dance during twilight? Swirling colours and transparencies, as the colours of the sunset fade into the darkness. Created as part of a series exploring the evening twilight and the colours and velvety shadow play that appear during this bewitching time. Click here for more .

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