Product : "How Important is Blue"

Product : "How Important is Blue"

This painting was one of the first where I was exploring a lot of texture effects. I wanted to push it further than I had been (and honestly, I could still go a lot further).


But, a lovely little series of nine paintings came from this experimentation.

 Kimberli Werner, "How Important is Blue", mixed media abstract painting, texture, blue, orange, pink, white

© 2021 Kimberli Werner, “How Important is Blue “, encaustic wax, marble dust, acrylic, on wood panel, 20.3cm x 20.3cm (8” x 8”).


The name comes from all the small pops of blue colour that start showing themselves around this time of year. That makes me think of all the times I notice pops of blue in my surroundings.


Kimberli Werner, "How Important is Blue", mixed media original painting with black frame.


It is available on my website to buy.

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