Process : Video

Process : Video

There are two works-in-progress here. The one underneath, is a 30" x 30" (76cm x 76cm) piece, separated into 9 panels. My intention with this one is that the piece is being created as a "whole", and could easily be displayed that way, when it is finished. Or, there are nine separate little paintings in there too, that all still work together. This piece was at a resting point. I tend to let pieces sit for days (sometimes months!) before I work on them again. Something always pulls me back into the painting. 

The one on top was a piece that probably has about 10+ layers in it already. I haven't liked any of them, so I just cover them up with white paint and start again. The advantage of this is that there is then a lot, and I mean A LOT, of gorgeous texture. I played around with inks and spreading some paint for the next layer, and then you'll see near the very end, that there's a big ink spill on the painting underneath! I purposely didn't protect the larger piece from the smaller piece, as it will all add a little bit of texture and interest. 

No worries, it will be covered up in the end. Onwards.


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